Real Housewife Gretchen Rossi Says Tamra Barney Engagement is Fake

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Is Tamra Barney's Engagement Fake? She Responds

Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi says that Tamra Barney's engagement is a total fake.

Those are fightin' words ... and since everyone loves a Real Housewives feud, get ready for this one to heat up. reports that Rossi believes Barney's engagement is all about the money, honey, with the Real Housewives producers pulling it out to create some drama for the finale.

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Would you put it past them, really?

Sources close to Rossi say she's told friends that producers wanted her boyrfriend, Slade, to propose, in hopes he would do it for the finale.

When he turned down the offer (and allegedly, a bribe of a free ring and exotic proposal location to sweeten the deal), the producers moved on to Barney's boyfriend, Eddie, and the couple took the offer.

Even if it's a complete fake, a proposal on reality TV is ratings gold, so no doubt the Real Housewives folks don't care if it's a sham or not.

You have to question how much of reality television is really "real" sometimes, or what's done for ratings and attention.

On their end, Bravo had no comment.

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Barney is speaking out about Rossi's allegations on Twitter, noting that there's no truth to it and it's "very hurtful" and "totally sick."

She shares on Twitter: "I am sick to my stomach and hurt by Gretchen's tmz article about my engagement. Jealousy really turns people ugly!"

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