'Real Housewives' Star Brandi Glanville Rushed to Hospital: What Happened?

In Celebs by Wendy Michaels , on Monday, November 12, 2012, 7:45 AM (PST)
brandi glanville
Brandi Glanville


'RHOBH' Brandi Glanville Hospitalized Following Chest Pains

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville was reportedly rushed to the hospital late last week after complaining of chest pains.

According to RadarOnline, Glanville was later released and was recovering at home.

What happened to Glanville?

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A source tells, "Brandi was feeling nauseous all day and was having weird chest pains so an ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital."

The source added, "She found a weird lump under her arm, which turned out not to be cancer, but doctors still couldn't figure out what's wrong with her." has since set the record straight about the mysterious emergency hospital visit for Glanville.

She had the flu.

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A rep for Glanville told Gossip Cop, "She has the flu, but it was REALLY bad so she went [to the hospital] just to make sure and got some fluids in her."

She's currently "at home resting."

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