Really Weird Toys You're Hoping Your Kids Don't Get for Christmas

In Life by Emma Jones , on Tuesday, December 20, 2011, 8:22 AM (PST)
world's strangest gifts


Doggy Doo And Titanic Slides In Our Stocking?

What're the worst possible gifts your kids could get for Christmas?  Looking at this list compiled by, we'd say these would be the forerunners.

1. Erwin the Little Patient: Germany
Erwin is a plush toy unlike most -- he comes complete with a series of interconnected innards. A set of bright blue lungs, a tangle of green intestines (both small and large), a pair of kidneys, a spleen and liver, and a red valentine-shaped heart, all of which can be torn out and operated on. Perfect for the budding surgeon or that kid who burns ants under a magnifying glass.

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2. The Bristlebot: U.S.
Getting your kids to wash the floor was never easier than with this interesting toy. (See it in the slideshow below.)

3. Titanic Inflatable Slide: China
You too can make like Kate and Leo by re-enacting your very own boat disaster. The Titanic Inflatable Slide is a 33-foot-high, bouncy replica of the doomed steamship, tilted at a precarious angle to allow kids to plunge screaming from the decks.

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4. Doggie Doo: Germany
This game is one of the Germany's biggest sellers as it satisfies  a child's love of two things: animals and poop. According to Slate, the aim of the game is to feed molded-putty treats into the dog’s mouth, then pump the handle to watch them expelled beneath its wagging tail—set to a symphony of farting sounds. The first player to scoop three poops wins. is your online destination for wacky and weird news from around the globe.



Comments (2)
Posted By angel dollen (2 years ago)
I think that the doll with insides is kinda neat. Think about the kids that their parents are drs and they want to grow up and do what mommy n daddy do this just gives them something to bound with mom n dad with that they do at work so ya i think its a good thng not the poo dog is kinda out there.
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