'Rehab With Dr. Drew' New Non-Celebrity Addiction Treatment Series

In OnScreen & Music by Wendy Michaels , on Monday, January 16, 2012, 6:10 AM (PST)
dr. drew
Dr. Drew


Dr. Drew: New Non-Celebrity Rehab Show on VH1

Dr. Drew Pinksy, not content to sit around and do nothing, is taking his brand of addiction treatment to a new VH1 series, reports.

While Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab has been shut down on the music video network (do they still play videos?), the good doctor has found a new way to help folks battling addiction.

Only this time, it's not a new crop of celebrities with problems -- it's real folks.

But wait... doesn't this sound strangely familiar? Intervention, anyone?

Dr. Drew is no doubt hoping to bring his celeb doctor status to the new rehab series, called (appropriately) Rehab With Dr. Drew.

His focus will be on young adults who need to clean up and, yes, they will go through the same treatment as their celeb counterparts, at The Pasadena Recovery Center rehab facility.

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So, it looks like it will essentially be the same show, but without the celebrities.

Dr. Drew released the following statement: "I am so excited to once again have the opportunity to educate viewers about the deadly disease of addiction. More than 85 million Americans are affected by addiction, whether they've faced the disease themselves or have supported family members or friends through a substance abuse issue."

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He adds, "The stigma and shame associated with drug and alcohol addiction prevents many from getting the help that they need. It is my sincere hope that this show will encourage people who are struggling to seek the help. Treatment works and there is hope and recovery is possible."

For all the ripping people do on Dr. Drew, you have to give him credit for helping people struggling with addiction and shining a light on addictions in general.

You can check out Rehab With Dr. Drew when it premieres this summer on VH-1.

Will you be watching?


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Comments (3)
Posted By Ms CCarmack (1 year ago)
my son of 27 years is an addict of heroin and he needs help i need help I am the enabler....please what to do before I loose it...on and off for the last 7 / 8 years. Please!!! a mom
Posted By Ms CCarmack (1 year ago)
my son is a heroin addict for 7 to 8 years on and off and on again, PLEASE HELP!!! I am lost and tired. 60 now and I am afraid to go out and leave my house except for work and then I as afraid I will come home with nothing left, help me no help him PLEASE.
Posted By Georgiann Bunker (1 year ago)
my son is need of help for his addiction he is 32 he has 2 beautiful sons we have gone thru all of are savings at 65 my husband and i are helping raise the 2 boys it is a big expense but they should not suffer for their dad's illness he has no insurance and because of that it is hard to get him help i fear he is going to loose this battle soon if we cannot getr him in to a secure inhouse program please contact me even if there is no way that you can help just so i know that you have received my request
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