Restalyne Injections Will Make Your Penis Bigger [POLL]

In Love & Sex by Kim Muraro , on Monday, February 20, 2012, 5:45 AM (PST)
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But, You Know, It's an Injection. Into Your Penis

Good news, bad news: First, a new study suggests there's a fairly quick way to enlarge penis size. The buzzkill: it involves getting an injection into your junk.

Read: Fake Doctor Killed Man By Injecting His Penis With Silicone is reporting results of a study conducted by Korea University, in which researchers found that injecting the family jewels with Restalyne increases the girth of the unit.

Or, in the more squirm-inducing language used by LAWeekly to describe the process, "Apparently injections of hyaluronic acid filler can increase girth when applied to the deep soft tissue in a 'back-and-forth' technique and 'homogenized with a roller.'"

The study results, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggested that, in tests conducted on 50 men, the average growth spurt caused by the injections was 4 cm.

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And, after 18 months of treatment, the mens' partners averaged a 3.3 out of 4 satisfaction rating with the new and improved equipment.

All good news, but again, it must be pointed out: see that big needle in the photo at left? It would be plunged into your junk.

So, tell us …

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Would adding 4cm to your penis be worth having an injection needle plunged into it?

  1. OMG, no! And stop using the words "injection," "needle" and "penis" in the same sentence!
  2. Hells ya. What's a little pain for a lot of pleasure?


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