Rihanna is Scared to Give Birth

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Tuesday, May 25, 2010, 5:46 AM (PDT)
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You know, that "childbirth situation"

We always think Rihanna is so much older than she is. She seems to act so mature and grown up, but in reality, she's only 22 years old, which might explain why Rihanna is totally not ready for motherhood right now. Or at least the whole giving birth thing.

Remember when you were a kid and you thought, "ewww, I'll never give birth to a baby. Gross!" OK, maybe you're still a bit skeeved out about it, but most women get over their fear of giving birth, since in the end, it's such a beautiful thing. But Rihanna hasn't reached that point yet. Even though she's in what seems like a serious relationship with MLB pro Matt Kemp.

While being interviewed by a British radio station recently, Rihanna said, "I'm really scared of the actual childbirth situation but I do want to be a mum one day. Even if I have to adopt, I want to be a mum." We love her innocence and are glad she's not ready to be a mom (or else she might have to take a break from making her awesome music). But we wonder if her fear of the "childbirth situation" will fade away some day.

Of course, if you judge Rihanna's potential to be a good mom by how she's raised her dog, she's definitely not ready for a baby yet. She says her 3-year-old dog still isn't housetrained and pees close (or on) her clothes or shoes. Oh Rihanna, that so would not fly with a baby!



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