Robert Pattinson Is Moody in Europe

In Celebs by KGaz , on Tuesday, May 03, 2011, 5:00 AM (PDT)
robert pattinson
Robert Pattinson:


Why wouldn't Rob crack a smile?

"Robert Pattinson is bothered" was the hilarious Jimmy Fallon spoof that surrounded the premiere of "New Moon" a year and a half ago, but after touring Europe last week to promote "Water for Elephants," reporters are wondering if something is seriously wrong with Rob. We've seen him this busy before...we've just never seen him so down.

Is it simply that all the traveling's catching up to Robert Pattinson? Eyewitnesses have reported that when Pattinson took to the red carpet with Reese Witherspoon Sunday night in Barcelona at the Spanish premiere of "Water for Elephants," the 24-year-old actor could barely pretend to look happy for the cameras. Granted, he'd been jetting across Europe for most of the last week promoting the film, but it wasn't really like Rob not to be able to wink it up for some press.

On the contrary, sources said Pattinson halfheartedly placed his hand on the small of Reese's back and appeared more "awkward" than warm. And the fact that he couldn't even crack half a something going on beneath the surface?

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Of course our first inclination is to wonder with all the recent rumors: is Rob heartbroken over a little trouble in paradise with girlfriend Kristen Stewart, now that they've wrapped on filming the final scene for "The Twilight Saga"? Or did Rob run into a less-than-friendly reporter on the carpet? European press doesn't go into the Pattinson-panic that the American media do, and some publications in the UK are even back to ripping on the old rumor that Rob doesn't bathe. Apart from the personal jibes, it sounds like "Water for Elephants" is receiving more pans than praise in Rob's homeland -- right down to Reese Witherspoon's too-ripe age for the part of Marlena. Okay...but isn't she perfect for the part? Sounds like a little carpet conflict could be slowing down Rob's flow for "Water for Elephants."

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Still, you're young, rich, successful and hot: why no smile, Rob? We'll be keeping our eye on this one...flip through our Robert Pattinson slideshow, and hit the blue links for more.

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