Robert Pattinson's Art For Charity Features A Penis!

In Celebs by KGaz , on Saturday, May 29, 2010, 5:25 AM (PDT)
robert pattinson


LimeLife's priceless discovery in Pattinson's art.

We reported Friday morning on the amazing story that Robert Pattinson had donated his own art to a charity for missing children. Here's something even more amazing -- look closely...there's a penis present!

At press time the Robert Pattinson penis picture -- er, Robert Pattinson art for charity -- was listed for a price of $970 on UK's eBay...suddenly it's worth much more! Pattinson donated the work for the organization Parents and Abducted Children Together, as one of the United Kingdom's most-attended social causes is missing children (remember how celebrities pulled together for little Madeline McCann?).

The sketch has been referred to as an "original self-portrait" of Robert Pattinson...gee willies, we'll say! There, toward the lower left-hand side in green, appears to be a very clear representation of the male genitalia. Robert Pattinson, is that how you see yourself?

Also take note that if other portions of this Robert Pattinson self-portrait are indeed Rob's take on himself, it's no wonder he says that he never thinks about anything...the cranial region appears to be quite empty, eh?



Oh, come on Rob, you know we love you...but this is wild! If you're the one who buys the Robert Pattinson "original self-portrait," please contact us! Flip through our Pattinson slideshow...think the work of art really looks like Rob? Haha!

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