Romney Will Win the Election Dog Poop Shapes Predict [VIDEO]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Thursday, October 25, 2012, 5:08 AM (PDT)
dog poop predicts next president


Pro Dog Poop Scooper Jim Coniglione Says He Has the Scoop on the Presidential Race

Who will emerge as the top dog in the November presidential election? Mitt Romney, if you believe that the shape of dog poop can predict the outcome of the race, as dog poop collection service owner Jim Coniglione does.

The owner of the Scoopy Doo company in Long Island, Coniglione says he is sure Romney is going to be our next president because -- wait for it -- the majority of the dog poo he's picking up is shaped more like Romney than like Barack Obama.

And his explanation for that is, well, wait for it:

"I think it's because of the economy," Coniglione tells The Huffington Post. "People are giving their dogs cheaper dog food and the dogs are producing more 'product,' and that looks more like Romney."

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Coniglione, who refers to himself as the "Turd Whisperer" (no, he doesn't miss a pun), says he's been able to accurately predict the last three elections based on his crap theory, and despite the fact that he's "a-poo-litical" (told ya) himself, he thinks Romney has a 66 percent, or "two turds" (really!), chance of moving into the White House next year.

"Hey, I think both candidates are crap, but that's another story," says the Scoopy Doo dude.

As for another story, no, sorry Mr. Coniglione; you're one punny man, but consider this your 15 seconds of fame.

Watch a video on the dog poo scoop below:



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