Rompers Are the Most Versatile Style of Summer

In Fashion by Susie Anderson , on Wednesday, June 23, 2010, 1:54 PM (PDT)
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Once we were afraid... We were petrified. Of rompers, that is. We have to admit we laughed when we first saw people wearing them. Then again, we once laughed at leggings too. Now? We fully admit rompers are the "it" clothing of summer and we can't get enough of them!

Our first thought about rompers was that they're something that babies wear. But we started seeing more and more women rocking rompers and then we started getting excited. Really, a romper is simply an in-between of shorts and a tank top and a dress. It can be super casual or super dressed up depending on the style and your choice of accessories. What's not to love about a romper?

In fact, sometimes rompers are so cute and flowy, you almost can't tell if it's a romper or a dress. But you don't have to worry about that pesky summer breeze blowing your dress up for the world to see. Other times, rompers simply look like a top with a separate pair of shorts, but since it's all one piece, you'll be much more comfortable.

Rompers are perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit with a pair of flip flops when you're headed to the beach. But some also look fabulous paired with some heels and funky jewelry for a night out. They're one of the most versatile pieces around.

Take a little time to stroll through the huge selection of rompers at and before long, you'll be wanting to wear rompers too. As the ultimate in comfort and the #1 style of the season, there's just no reason to say no.

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