Ryan Seacrest Is Getting His Own TV Network

In OnScreen & Music by Emma Jones , on Thursday, January 19, 2012, 7:28 AM (PST)
ryan seacrest


Move Over Oprah, Seacrest Wants Your Throne

Ryan Seacrest, the man responsible for subjecting us to the Klan, will be getting his own cable network. The television host turned media mogul has partnered (50/50) with music company AEG, talent agency CAA, and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

As The Hollywood Reporter explains, Seacrest will rebrand Cuban's current HDNET channel as AXS TV starting this coming summer and, in true Seacrest style, the new network will feature more pop culture and entertainment-centric programming.

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AXS' main focus will be live programming, eventually including a live news show that'll be "a SportsCenter equivalent for the pop-culture arena," THR says. Seacrest, who is already host of E! News Daily and American Idol, will focus on the behind the scenes aspects rather than sit before the cameras.

Is it starting to sound a little like another fledgling network yet? OWN perhaps?

Winfrey’s low-rated OWN, is a rebrand of Discovery Health; however, Cuban is adamant that ASX won't flounder in the ratings race. “HDNet was profitable coming into this deal, and we think we'll be even more profitable and be able to invest even more in the business because of the great partnerships we have and the great leverage that all the access AEG and Ryan bring to the table,” he tells THR.

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