Sarah McLachlan Parodied on 'South Park' [WATCH]

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The saddest commercial you will ever see.

Sarah McLachlan may have some choice words for Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of 'South Park.' The infamously raunchy animated show parodied the 'Angel' singer's work against animal cruelty in a recent episode in which she campaigns for crack babies.

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There isn't much on television that can make you feel as bad as those terribly depressing commercials that plead with you to help starving children or abused puppies. They play on your guilt, and then on your credit card.

Sounds like a great lampooning opportunity (lamportunity?) for 'South Park,' right? McLachlan appears (sort of) on the hit Comedy Central show in a commercial shown to Kyle and Stan that interrupts an amazing episode of 'Terrance and Phillip.'

"Oh no, it's that super sad Sarah McLachlan commercial, look away," Kyle shouts as the commercial shows pictures of feeble children crawling in incubators.

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"Hello, I'm Sarah McLachlan and I was famous for two months," says McLachlan's cartoon parody. "Each year, thousands of babies are born addicted to crack and lie in hospitals without a mother to hold them."

"Dude this is the saddest commercial ever," Kyle says. "Don't watch."

The commercial then manages to guilt-trip Stan into volunteering at a local hospital, where he discovers Cartman is running a "Crack Baby Athletic Association" where he charge's money to watch crack babies play competitive sports.

Yes, this episode is that messed up. I almost don't want to watch it because I'm afraid I'll laugh. A lot.

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