'Saved By The Bell' Star Lark Voorhies Is Suffering From Severe Bipolar Disorder

In Celebs by , on Wednesday, October 03, 2012, 12:54 PM (PDT)
lark voorhies


New Report Says the Actress is Deeply Troubled and Struggling

In the wake of recent photos showing actress Lark Voorhies looking very different than the youthful, perky girl who played Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell, speculation was rampant she'd had some bad plastic surgery. But according to a new report in People, it seems there's something much more serious going on with Voorhies than a bad nip/tuck.

The magazine first attempted to get to the answer behind her new appearance and reported bizarre behavior by interviewing Voorhies herself. The editors who tried to work with her, however, soon became frustrated by her manic speech that often veered off into a ramble. Her short attention span, too, was an issue.

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Editors then contacted both Voorhies' mother, Tricia, and her former Saved co-star Dustin Diamond, who played Screech. The last time he saw Lisa, Diamond explains, she seemed fine at first but before the end of the night seemed like a completely different person. "It just went wrong," he explains.

Her mother, meanwhile, has said the family has been trying to get to the root of her issues for some time now. After hearing about her various symptoms, several doctors told People it sounds like Voorhies is suffering from a severe case of bipolar disorder. Without treatment, "its like watching someone who's having chest pains refuse to go to the emergency room," one specialist noted.

Here's hoping she gets the help she needs soon.


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