Scott Baio's New Sitcom: The Grown Up 'Charles in Charge'? [VIDEO]

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Monday, September 10, 2012, 6:33 AM (PDT)
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The Former Chachi Is Playing a TV Dad Who Becomes a Stay-at-Home Dad

Follow this: On TV, dad Scott Baio will be playing a TV dad who quits his job to become a stay-at-home dad. Yes, Baio's TV comeback, the upcoming Nick at Nite original comedy See Dad Run, has daddy issues.

And it also sounds kinda like a grown-up Charles in Charge, Baio's 1984-90 sitcom, though in that comedy, his college-aged nanny Charles had a pretty good handle on running the family household.

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Not so in See Dad Run, as Baio's David Hobbs is a TV sitcom actor who decides to stay at home and run the household while his wife, a daytime soap star, goes back to work.

In a preview clip from the series below, David has some issues with getting the kids off to school on time and with preparing their breakfast.  His son, for instance, compliments the "black bread" he's made, only to be told by his snarky sister that it's just burnt toast.

The series, which premieres on Oct. 6 on Nick at Nite, is the network's first original comedy, and Baio's first scripted TV role since playing attorney Bob Loblaw on Arrested Development (a role he'll reprise in next year's new AD episodes).

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The Happy Days alum's co-stars will include Legally Blonde scene stealer Alana Ubach as Baio's soap diva wife, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper star Mark Curry as his friend Marcus and One Tree Hill scene stealer Jackson Brundage as his son Joe.

In still more retro TV connections, See Dad Run was co-created and will be co-produced by Little House on the Prairie/JAG/NCIS alum Patrick Labyorteaux, The Wonder Years alum (and longtime Baio pal) Jason Hervey is also a producer and the show will filmed on the old Happy Days soundstage.

Check out the preview below and see if you agree with us that See Dad Run has the potential to be a family comedy hit for the Baio bunch:

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Posted By bigggfannn (1 year ago)
"Snarky sister" Emily is played by actress Ryan Newman who was previously on the Disney XD show 'Zeke and Luther' playing Zeke's conniving little sister Ginger, and she was in the movies 'Zoom', 'Monster House', and 'Lower Learning', and she also was on two episodes of Disney's 'Hannah Montana' and on one episode of Disney's 'Good Luck Charlie'.
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