Sebastian Bach Announces Divorce from Maria Bierk

In Celebs by KGaz , on Monday, January 03, 2011, 1:50 PM (PST)
sebastian bach
Sebastian Bach, Maria Bierk in 2005:


Skid Row frontman's 2010 ends roughly.

We reported in the fall when Sebastian Bach was busted in for biting a bartender in Canada...turns out he'd been drowning his sorrows over the fate of his 18-year marriage to buxom Maria Bierk. Here's how Bach, 42, has finally admitted that he and Bierk have been separated for almost a year.

Yep, Sebastian Bach's bartender bite seemed reminiscient of his young and single Skid Row days. Back then there wouldn't have been any wife at home tapping her foot waiting for his arrival and harping on how his behavior would play out for their kids.

But it turns out that when the embarrassing Ontario bar brawl went down in November, Sebastian Bach's wife, Maria Bierk, wasn't waiting for him at home at all. The pair had secretly split, and Sebastian (whose real name is Sebastian Bierk) had been out causing trouble in the spirit of his "18 and Life" days...sounds like he was trying to drink himself out of his depression.

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This became evident on Dec. 31 when Bach finally came clean via Facebook: he and Maria Bierk split last spring and have failed at making amends. "We have tried to work things out for the sake of our family," Sebastian stated, "but it has become apparent that our differences at this point are irreconcilable. In 2011 we go our separate ways."

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At press time 348 people had "Liked" this. Really? Maria Bierk and Sebastian Bach got married in 1992 and have two songs (Paris is 21 and London is 14) and a three-year-old daughter, Sebastiana.

Ladies, if you plan to spend your 2011 Friday nights hanging at the Ontario Holiday Inn, watch out...although maybe with some deep conditioner and a detox, there's still a prayer for Sebastian Bach...

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