Sex Toy Sales Spike During Recession

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'Sex And The City' Gets Props From Dildo Makers

Just because your finances are in the tank doesn't mean your love life has to be. Sales of vibrators and other sex toys reached an all-time high during the recession, with pleasure-seekers shelling out almost $9 billion last year.

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Global sales of sex toys have reached a record-high, proving people are determined to maintain the fun they're having in the bedroom.

And it's only going to get more intense: sales are expected to hit nearly $65 billion by 2020, matching how much we spend on smartphones.

According to one survey, Great Britain is at the forefront of the sex toy surge. Three-quarters of British women now own a sex toy.

Neal Slateford, a former record producer for Kylie Minogue and current co-owner of sex toy retailer Lovehoney, says the recent boom in sex toy sales owes a lot to publicity from celebrities.

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"There has been such a huge change in people's attitudes over the last 10 years," Slateford told the Daily Mail. "A famous celebrity will give a big interview about their sex life or their love of sex toys and we will see a flurry of sales afterwards."

Slateford says his industry owes extra gratitude to Sex and the City for opening the doors to a worldwide vibrator boom.

"It all started with Sex In The City - which was incredibly liberating for women, especially after Charlotte became a virtual recluse after buying a rabbit vibrator at New York's famous Pleasure Chest sex store," Slateford said.

"Suddenly ordinary women weren't afraid to talk about their sex lives and their use of sex toys."

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Posted By Ecofriendly sex toys (2 years ago)
What to recession do with sex as sex is always nasty and recession free only thing that can happen it will become costlier to satisfy your sexual urges but there is no cost of passion
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