Sexy Books: 5 Interesting Seduction Reads

In Love & Sex by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Monday, May 31, 2010, 8:19 AM (PDT)
seduction books
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Shopping for lusty books

Do you need to add some pepper to your routine? We don't blame you if that's the case... and these seduction books will help you add the spice you crave in your relationship. What are you waiting for? These books aren't just good for practice, but they also make for really fun reads!

Our top seduction books include:

1. Superflirt

Body language and the fundamentals of flirting are two sections you'll need to review if you want to get to the next stage of bedroom seduction. This book covers real-life situations to help you understand what you're doing that's working... and what you're doing that isn't.

2. Seduction by the Stars

Are you an astrology buff? Even if you're not, this love book will guide you along an easier path to knowing your loved one's weaknesses and passion points. With your potential match's birthday in hand, you can get acquainted with their inner workings, and how to best tame them.

3. Would You Rather...?

Laughter can be hot, so why not explore your fun and sexy side with this book by Justin Heimberg? This book flaunts "Over 300 Amorously Absurd Dilemmas to Ponder," and it's a great read when you're planning on seducing by humor.

4. The New Intercourses 

This "aphrodisiac cookbook" has 85 recipes that will help you get in the mood, using supermarket regulars like strawberry, coffee, and cocoa. Hot pictures are inside, and we appreciate the blend of astrological consideration and relationship stages in this book.

Bonus Round-If You're Not Dating

The Art of Seduction: This edgy book isn't meant to woo you. This unique read about sexual politics is good if you're game for exploring an entirely different side of seduction. Rip through chapters like "Master the Art of Insinuation." This book isn't for the easily offended.

Do you ever buy sexy books? Do you have a favorite?

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