Shia LaBeouf Grabs Paparazzo's Camera

In Celebs by Meieli Sawyer Detoni , on Thursday, June 10, 2010, 7:10 AM (PDT)
shia labeouf


From Our Friends at PopEater

Shia LaBeouf is causing drama with the paparazzi community! The actor was caught trying to take a paparazzo's camera from inside his car, and then Shia himself called the police after hiding the camera. That's an awfully drastic move, but he sounds like he was getting desperate. PopEater has the rest of the news, coming up.

PopEater's scoop continues:

"The Transformers star reportedly saw the paparazzi swarming outside of his house and decided the only way to keep them from snapping photos was to take the cameras out of the equation.

Of course, LaBeouf has had a few run-ins with the paparazzi in the past and has stated how much he hates his privacy being invaded. In April, Pacific Coast News reported that LaBeouf got into an altercation with a photographer while he was filling up his truck at a gas station."

The big question is: was Shia arrested? Take a peek at PopEater!

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