Shoe Vending Machines Hit LA Club Scene

In Fashion by Wendy Michaels , on Thursday, March 29, 2012, 11:15 AM (PDT)
Rollasole shoe vending machine


Rollasole Shoe Vending Machines: Hit or Miss?

How can you top cupcakes dispensed from a vending machine? How about with a machine that spits out shoes?

While the cupcake machine idea was pretty inspired, the shoe vending machine has some benefits too. Truly.

You're probably more likely to be hankering for a cupcake on the spot than a pair of shoes, but it's true that during a night out on the town inyour strappiest sandals or highest stilettos your feet start to hurt after a couple of hours.

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Picture this: Unable to hobble to the next club, your car or a cab, you spot a shining beacon of comfort in the distance -- a shoe vending machine to solve your aching problem.

As these things go, the shoe vending machine got its start in the UK some years ago, and the U.S. is just starting to catch on.

LA Weekly spoke with the ladies behind the Rollasole vending machine, currently located next to the ladies room at the Colony Nightclub in Hollywood.

Entrepreneurs Ashley Ross, 25, and Lindsay Klimitz, 26, developed the shoe machine idea when they wanted a comfortable solution to the club drama "my feet are killing me but the street is way too dirty to go barefoot."

They "bought the rights to manufacture and distribute Rollasole in America," LA Weekly reports.

Ross explains, "We did six or seven pairs last week, not a whole lot. But it's still early. We're a little bit new to the L.A. scene. This is the first of many, is the plan."

Klimitz noted, "The first time we came to L.A., we had no idea the streets were so bad."

Ross added, "The streets here are so jagged. A lot of girls that aren't from L.A., they come here expecting to walk in heels down Sunset? Yeah. Good luck. You need backup."

Three machines are currently in Las Vegas -- at the Venetian, Tao, and Hard Rock -- and more are planned for LA.

The Rollasole flats cost $19.95 and come rolled up in a can.

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While it's probably not the highest quality shoe you'll ever get (it's rolled up in a machine, for goodness sakes), it does help out with that whole foot issue.

Or, you know, you could skip the stilettos.

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