'Sister Wives' Scandal: Janelle Divoced From Meri's Brother

In Celebs by KGaz , on Sunday, October 24, 2010, 5:22 AM (PDT)
sister wives
Sister Wives image courtesy TLC.


New report about the previous life of one "Sister Wives" wife.

Audiences have been fascinated with TLC's "Sister Wives". While many can't relate to the polygamist Brown family who live in Utah with one husband, four wives and 13 kids, TLC is attempting to make us more familiar with a family of multiple spouses. Now, a wacky new report will make you jump back again: one of the wives is divorced from another one's brother! Did you get that?

Kody Brown jokes on "Sister Wives" that his sons are each "of another mother," but it turns out that in this not-so-funny arrangement, one of those mothers is the ex of another's brother! It's confusing, we know, and we caught the story from "Star" via Celebitchy. "Star" explains:

"[...] The stars of TLC's hit show Sister Wives have been hiding a secret about how wives Janelle and Meri first met ... Kody Brown's second wife Janelle was married to the brother of wife No. 1, Meri, before she joined their family. According to their marriage certificate, Janelle legally wed Adam Barber in Salt Lake City in December 1988. They divorced in 1990, three years before Janelle and Kody tied the knot in a nontraditional commitment ceremony."

Whoa! TLC's 'Sister Wives' Under Investigation for Bigamy

Apparently there was some conflict between Meri and Janelle (pictured, respectively, in the beige blazer and the peach) following Janelle's divorce; and why is this so scandalous? Mostly because TLC has played the two women as simply having been acquaintances in the past. Furthermore, just before Kody Brown married his fourth wife Robyn Sullivan, he made a bit of a judgmental stink about wedding her because she was divorced -- in fact it was wife No. 1 Meri who said on camera, "He's kind of always had an aversion to marrying someone who had already been married before."

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It sounds ridiculous, we know...and we can't help wondering how a detail like this would have skipped TLC's awareness. Ask me? It didn't. I think the network's releasing this info to "Star" for publicity...

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Posted By Carolyn Cheslock (2 years ago)
Why don't they buy 2 or 3 lots and build a house big enough for everyone? Frankly I think Kody is an egotistical nut and all four women are idiots for going along with his way of life. He was very indignant when one of then asked him how he would feel if she slept with other men ! ! ! What's OK for the gander should be OK for the goose.
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