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John Travolta's Big Mistake

Clearly John Travolta is no big fan of the great white way. Or so it would seem from his enormous gaffe last night at the Academy Awards.

Travolta, charged with the duty of presenting multi-Tony award winning actress/singer Idina Menzel, who was on hand to sing her monster hit, "Let It Go," from the Oscar-winning animated film, "Frozen," didn't seem to have the slightest idea who she was.

She. Is. A. HUGE. Star. And a very big name in the business. Yet, Travolta, who's hiding behind his "dyslexia" on this faux pas, introduced Taye Diggs' wife as "a <i>Wicked</i>ly talented performer (she starred in the original production on Broadway) and then proceeded to call her "Adele Dazeem." Whomever that is.

As the audience gasped in horror, Menzel, seemingly unfazed, went on to knock it out of the park as usual. But, today, the Internet wrath for the mistake has been palpable. And, getting in on the fun was, which created its very own "Travoltify Your Name" word generator which you can try out here.

So much fun.

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