Snooki, 'Jersey Shore' Spoofed on 'South Park' [VIDEO]

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Only Osama Bin Laden can fix this...

Its name is Snooki, and it's here to destroy everything you love. That was the theme from a long-awaited episode of South Park last night, which speared the kids from Jersey Shore and their fist-pumping ways. Snooki, shown as a sniveling creature who nibbles on pickles and pina coladas, got it the worst.

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In last night's episode, the town of South Park, Colorado, is threatened with being overrun by tanned guidos (spouting the catchphrase "It's a Jersey thing!") from Jersey Shore who want to call it "West Jersey."

Stan, Kyle, Cartman and the citizens of South Park must band together to fight off the sex and booze-obsessed Jerseyites before they find themselves sporting their own "blowbacks."

That sounds funny enough, but what would a South Park episode be without a heaping spoonful of controversy? The town's plan involves the help of Al Qaeda. Yes, they enlist the terrorist group, led by Osama Bin Laden, to come dispatch of the Jersey Shore infestation.

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Worst of all, they must get rid of the hideous rat monster known as Snooki, which seems to feed off of cigarettes, alcohol and the groins of men. Watch the hilarious clip below.



It's a Jersey Thing
Randy Marsh,Eric Cartman,more...

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