Steve Carell Will Return for "The Office" Series Finale

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Steve Carell's Michael Scott Will Return to the Building

After two seasons away from Dunder Mifflin, Michael Scott is gearing up for a return.

Last week network execs and producers of the once super-popular sitcom, "The Office," denied ubiquitous reports that Steve Carell would be returning to the show for its final episode. So far reaching were the denials that show creator Greg Daniels even released the following statement, "I think Steve felt, and I agree, that the ‘Goodbye, Michael’ episode was his goodbye and he didn’t want to overshadow the ending that all the other characters deserved." Aw, what a guy that Carell is.

Now, mere days later, it seems that things have changed.  According to, Carell will, in fact, return to Dunder Mifflin, but not as the main story arc, rather, it will be more of a cameo appearance, a tipping of his hat to the employees who once ran him ragged.

NBC, of course,not wanting to spoil the tension and much-needed press something like this provides, still denies this latest report and Daniels is keeping mum on the subject for now. Guess we'll have to wait till, after 9 seasons, the series finale airs next Thursday, May 16.

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Posted By JJ Goode (1 year ago)
I’ve heard rumors for weeks now, both good and bad, so I can’t wait to see if he does make a triumphant return. I work at DISH with a few friends who plan to have a finale party, and I know the room would erupt with a Michael Scott return. I’m saving all of this final season to my DISH Hopper, either way. I’ll be able to enjoy the final Dunder Mifflin moments whenever I want to. I’m just happy that my hard drive can store up 2,000 hours of TV and entertainment, so I have more than enough space for a season and everything else on my watch list.
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