Steven Tyler Loves Facials, Fake Lashes, Makeup

In Celebs by KGaz , on Sunday, March 06, 2011, 5:29 AM (PST)
steven tyler
Steven Tyler:


Dude preps like a lady.

Steven Tyler's never been known for having a polished style, but wow: it looks like this rocker takes serious care of his looks. This isn't just a day at the spa: Steven Tyler's been on a cosmetics shopping spree that's making us jealous.

Steven Tyler is full of surprises, isn't he? Not only is he widely considered to be a much more entertaining "American Idol" judge than Simon Cowell was, he also boasts a beauty routine that puts my mascara-and-gloss drill to shame.

Fox 411 reported Friday morning that after "American Idol" taping wrapped this week, Steven Tyler escaped to the spa with his girlfriend, Erin Brady. Here's what witnesses observed:

Tyler and Brady "spent a day at Roger Neal's Style Hollywood Oscar Suite at swanky Beverly Hills Hotel L'Ermitage where he suddenly bellowed out from behind a private white curtain: 'This is an oh-my-god moment!' ... He was apparently just getting a deluxe G.M. Collin Skincare Phyto Stem Cell facial, which was later followed by a BAO Beverly Hills reflexology massage, and permanent eyelash extensions by Daniel Dinh. He also opted for makeup by Shaboom.

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A stem cell facial is no joke: they use human cells to generate new life to the skin in a highly scientific treatment...that's highly expensive. Plus, lash extensions and, um, Shaboom makeup? Okey doke, Steven.

Meanwhile there was one luxury Tyler did not indulge in at the spa: thanks to his history of alcohol abuse, Steven asked the salon to cover their champagne bar with a tarp while he was there. Smart + healthy = beautiful.

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Comments (2)
Posted By Janice Jeynes (3 years ago)
For Steve Tyler, I am an Aerosmith fan - love you on American Idol. My 90 year old mother is mesmerized by you. I had to pull up pics of you on website so she saw ypu and your beautiful daughter Liv. When you were in Hawaii very recently I beleive you met a friend of mine named Mary. She''s cute, short and built like Dolly Parton, but similar face to Goldie Hawn. Thanks!
Posted By Brazilian VirginHair (1 year ago)
Say, you got a nice blog article.Thanks Again. Much obliged.
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