Steven Tyler, Weird Al, Alice Cooper Sing "Come Together" [VIDEO]

In OnScreen & Music by Wendy Michaels , on Tuesday, January 03, 2012, 10:28 AM (PST)
steven tyler
Steven Tyler, Weird Al, Alice Cooper


Steven Tyler, Weird Al and Alice Cooper Sing on New Year's Eve

A stranger trio was never assembled.

Watch Steven Tyler, Weird Al Yankovic and Alice Cooper sing "Come Together" in this video clip.

Tyler, Cooper and Yankovic joined musical forces for the song at a restaurant in Maui on New Year's Eve.

That would have been a sight to see live, but thankfully there's video proof of this oddball trio giving the Beatles cover a go.

Truth be told, I went through a total Weird Al stage (hey, it was the 80s!) as well as an Aerosmith phase -- and I've enjoyed Tyler's presence on American Idol, though he's a little strange at times.

Cooper, well, I never had an Alice Cooper stage, but I appreciate his cameo in Wayne's World (does that count?).

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These legendary guys really bring it together for a fun cover, and you can't deny the musicality they all bring to the table.

How did this magical grouping come to be? Was therre some serendipitous event that brought them all together?

Whatever the case may be, it was a fun moment and would be great to see them sing something else together -- maybe a Weird Al song?

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Plus, best tweet ever, Weird Al took to Twitter to relay his thoughts on the sing-along: "Every New Year's Eve for the rest of my life is gonna suck."

Bonus points if you spied Mike Myers at the end of the vid!



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