'Survivor' Casts Russell Hantz's Nephew

In Celebs by Kelly Bryant , on Monday, August 22, 2011, 1:20 PM (PDT)
russell hantz


Is 'Survivor' Turning Into Family Feud?

As the CBS reality competition approaches it's 23rd season, Survivor's casting team is giving long-time villain and repeat player Russell Hantz a break, recruiting his 19-year-old nephew Brandon to take a turn in the game in his stead.

The younger Hantz joins 15 other competitors in the South Pacific, including past players Benjamin "Coach" Wade and Ozzy Lusth.

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The Katy, Texas native is described as being an oil tanker crewman who is a member of the Upolo Tribe. Despite his familial ties to the detestable Russell, host Jeff Probst tells that the two are very different, claiming he's, "the opposite of Russell … a little rough around the edges, but well mannered."

We'll be the judge of that when season 23 premieres on Wednesday, September 14.

Meanwhile it was only a month ago that Lusth was spotted out on the town with Hollywood's non-stop party girl Lindsay Lohan. While the two haven't been linked romantically as a couple, Lohan was overheard yelling at him, "Stop flirting with everyone," as the castaway chatted up another lady.

Better not get too close to anyone in the South Pacific, Ozzy, what happens on the island doesn't stay on the island we don't think anyone wants Lindsay on their bad side.

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Posted By kruft (2 years ago)
The nephew is an ass. What a miserable waste of human flesh. Crying, apologizing and still doing the same backstabbing things. Get lost!
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