Susan Lucci Has Filmed Her Final Episode of 'All My Children'

In Celebs by Kelly Bryant , on Friday, September 02, 2011, 1:20 PM (PDT)
susan lucci


All My Children Wraps Production On Their 42-Year Run

Susan Lucci, who has been the darling of daytime throughout the 42-year run of All My Children, wrapped her final episode in the fictional town of Pine Valley on Tuesday, marking the end of an era.

It's hard to imagine the daytime TV landscape without Erica Kane, Lucci's on-screen alterego, and her All My Children cohorts, but the cast and crew finished filming their final episode this week, making the reality of ABC's decision to kill the beloved series all the more tangible.

In an interview with, Lucci said, "Walking out on set for my first scene yesterday morning, I have to say, I started to feel it. I had to rein my emotions back in because I had to work ... but the setting was spectacular! Perfect for the last day of shooting."

The last episode of All My Children is set to air on Friday, September 23, and Lucci says fans should expect lots of cliff-hangers as opposed to a fairytale ending.

"To me, knowing how Agnes [Nixon, series creator] writes, it was not shocking that she would do that. Like any great novel, when you put it down you say, 'Well, then what?' I knew she wouldn't tie it up in a neat bow, and she really didn't. There are several cliff-hangers."

Currently a deal is in the works with Prospect Park, an online startup, to move the soap to the web, but papers have yet to be signed with the cast and crew.

Lucci would happily reprise her role of Erica Kane online if the deal moves forward, but would only tell that she was in conversations with the company.


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