Swiss-Designed Handbag, The Swiss-Army Knife for Women?

In Fashion by Wendy Michaels , on Friday, June 29, 2012, 8:27 AM (PDT)
Wine bottle purse


Wine Bottle Purse This Season's Must-Have?

Is this new purse the female equivalent of the Swiss Army Knife?

If not, it's one pimped out handbag with all the bells and whistles, including a place to store a bottle of wine.

Swiss designer Claudia Eicke designed the bag with the modern woman in mind, which means we would all carry around a bottle of wine if we had the means to do so.

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Eicke explains the bag is designed to hold all the items you need for the whole day.

Her Envoyage Taschen Weekender handbag has a slot perfect for stowing a number of things, but it's the size of a standard wine bottle, so that appears to be its primary function. It's possible that high heels could be stowed there as well.

Eicke explained, "The idea was based on the things women do in the day -- working, shopping and going to a party. The bag needed to hold all the items she needed for the whole day."

In addition to the wine carrying feature, the bag has a number of other compartments to keep everything in its place.

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Eicke explains it took ten prototypes to get it right, but so far, it sounds like she has a hit on her hands, as she commented, "We have had very good reactions to the bag. People like the tunnel idea and they bring their own ideas too. Some suggested putting a yoga mat in the space."

Check out the bag at the Envoyage website.

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Comments (1)
Posted By Connie Isidora (2 years ago)
The purse would be very useful for field trips. It's nice if there is a picture of the purse here.
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