TV Networks Are Developing Four Shows With the F-Word in the Title [POLL]

In OnScreen & Music by Kim Muraro , on Friday, November 09, 2012, 6:09 AM (PST)
f-word in tv show title


WTF Are They Thinking?!

Remember the show $#*! My Dad Says, with its ridiculous string of symbols to sub for the s-word? And the short-lived drama GCB and the current comedy Don't Trust the B---- in Apt 23, both of which altered their titles to avoid using the b-word in the title?

Well, we can't wait to see how the networks deal with a pack of shows they have in development for next season, including four different series that have the f-bomb in the title.

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ABC is developing a comedy called How the F**k I'm Normal and another titled Dumb F**k, while NBC has a pair of f-word shows, too: F**k I'm in My Twenties and Grow the F**k Up, reports.

CBS also had an f-word show in development last season -- Oh F**k It's You -- but the show didn't make the network's schedule, so the issue of formally dealing with the title was avoided.

But for next fall, with four shows in development, odds are that one of them will stick and its network will have to do some creative renaming to deal with the f-word, because we're thinking TV viewers are not yet ready to see that word on their screens every week.

Are we right?

Take Our Poll

Do you think it's okay for a non-cable TV network to use the F-word in a series title?

  1. F**k no. I don't want my kid to see and hear that.
  2. Sure, what's the big f**king deal?


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Posted By lovegame (1 year ago)
Although I allow my kids play game with me, and also allow them spend money on their favorite site to buy game gold, I cannot allow them listen to this kind of program
Posted By givenchyoutlet (239 days ago)
It will laborious to find knowledgeable people on this topic, however you sound like you recognize what you are speaking about! Thanks
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