Taylor Armstrong Leaving 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Thursday, October 20, 2011, 9:51 AM (PDT)
taylor armstrong
Will she be back for more?


Will She Move Over to Most Eligible Dallas Instead?

No one could really blame Taylor Armstrong if she decided that she wanted to go back to leading a quiet, "normal" life after all that's happened to her since she embarked on the wacky rollercoaster that is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In fact, in lieu of her husband Russell's suicide and the fact that she seems to be wasting away before our very eyes, some might say it'd be a wise thing for her to just hunker down and spend some quality time with her 5 year-old daughter and regroup. According to the Enquirer - she may just have to.

The tabloid is reporting that Armstrong has been "kicked off" the show because the other women have complained that she's always trying to make it be "about her."

All this comes on the heels of Armstrong's admission Monday on a Los Angeles morning show that she thinks the reality show "saved her life" - and that if she hadn't been on it, her violent husband may have killed her or that her life may have ended in a murder/suicide.

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Whether or not Armstrong will return next season remains to be seen since BRAVO is keeping mum on the topic for now. One thing we can look forward to seeing is whether her romance with Most Eligible Dallas star Matt Nordgren.

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Comments (2)
Posted By LimeLife (2 years ago)
she should go and take care of her kid. that's the only thing that matters - and, judging my how maladjusted that child seemed when we saw her on the show last season, she can use all the help and love she can get!
Posted By CMS (2 years ago)
I think Taylor needs to pull her big girl panties and move on! Has she ever taken care of her child besides writing the checks to keep up with the Jones? Doubt it. Taylor needs to get over the past cause everyone has one and move forward. Taylor is a far cry from being the ultimate Trophy Wife in Beverly Hills! She married by force and for money ... lesson to be learned.......her past is just that a past in the here and now! Harsh but truthful. I hear her voice and just want to find her a cliff!
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