Taylor Swift Attends CMA Awards Alone

In Celebs by Susie Anderson , on Thursday, November 11, 2010, 9:12 AM (PST)
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Flying solo

If you were hoping for the big Taylor Swift-Jake Gyllenhaal relationship debut last night, you were sadly let down. Taylor Swift attended last night's CMA Awards with no date. So, is she still dating Jake Gyllenhaal or not?

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You didn't really think Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal would show up on the CMA red carpet together, did you? It doesn't seem like they're quite ready to announce their relationship even though everyone is talking. Taylor showed up to the awards show alone, which leaves us wondering if she's alone because she's single or if she's alone because she left Jake Gyllenhaal at home.

According to Us Weekly, Jake and Taylor have been spending lots of time together, but that he stayed in New York City while she flew to Nashville for the CMA Awards. But the insider claims Jake will likely be by Taylor's side before long. They say, "From the start, Jake was the one pursuing her."



Personally, I'm relieved Taylor and Jake didn't show up on the red carpet together. Can you even imagine going on a few dates with a guy and then having to come out publicly? I say Taylor and Jake need to wait until they're serious about each other and are in it for the long-run before coming out in public.

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What do you think Taylor Swift's dateless night at the CMA Awards says about her current relationship status?

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Comments (2)
Posted By paula (3 years ago)
Jake is in the UK promoting his new movie
Posted By Derrick Swift (3 years ago)
Well US needs to get better insiders becuase she is married to me. So there is no future for Jake and Taylor. See the ring in the picture....Yea don't go there. Taylor has been in love with me since we were kids. I love her with all my heart and wish one day soon we can be together finally.
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