Taylor Swift's Wardrobe Malfunction [VIDEO]

In OnScreen & Music by LimeLife , on Monday, August 15, 2011, 2:21 PM (PDT)
taylor swift
I See London, I See France ...


Taylor Swiftly Recovered After an Embarrassing Moment

Say what you will about her type of music (and choice in men), but Taylor Swift is a pro through and through. She exhibited this clearly before a stadium full of people just the other day.

While performing "You Belong With Me" to a standing room only crowd in St. Louis on Saturday night, Swift got too close to a fan (an oscilating type, not an obsessed teenaged boy) and the gust of wind carried her dress up, exposing her nether regions.

Did she freak out and run off stage? Hardly. Ever the consumate pro, she hardly flinched and didn't miss a beat.

See for yourselves below ...

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