Teen Mom's Amber Portwood in Nude Photos Scandal

In Celebs by KGaz , on Thursday, February 24, 2011, 10:10 AM (PST)
amber portwood
Amber Portwood:


Amber Portwood nude photos leaked.

Amber Portwood's high profile on MTV's "Teen Mom" inspired her to slim down, and recently Portwood struck a sexy pose to show off her new bod for a camera. Now the photo's owner has leaked the image of a nude Amber Portwood online...and while this may raise her profile even more, it's likely to be a nightmare for her custody fight.

We reported Thursday morning that Amber Portwood had reportedly taken three pregnancy tests and all had come back the look of her bare belly, do you believe the Portwood pregnancy rumors?

Radar Online shared this nude photo of Amber Portwood after it hit the Web on Thursday, with Amber striking a sexy pose, completely aware that she's in frame of the camera. A source close to the 20-year-old single mom told Radar, "Amber fancies herself an old-fashioned pin-up girl ... She posed the way she thought a pin-up would."

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But did she pose the way a mom should? For months Amber has been fighting the courts in her home state of Indiana to keep her two-year-old daughter, insisting that she's a stable, moral example for her little girl. But with her one-right-after-the-other love life, the new pregnancy buzz and now this nude photo, can Amber expect to face an unhappy custody judge again? (And if she had to pose naked, why couldn't she at least clean her room?)

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Meanwhile, the boys at Egotastic (via Radar) had this to say about the Amber Portwood nude photos -- I couldn't have said it better:



Apparently, according to a friend, she fancies herself a future pin-up model. Hey, I wanted to be Wayne Gretzky. Here's to dreaming large. Enjoy.

Flip through our Amber Portwood slideshow, and hit the blue links for more.

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