The 15 Dumbest Sex Myths

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Don't worry, baby. I drink Dew. Mountain Dew.


No, You CAN'T Judge A Man's Junk By The Size Of His Feet

For some people, sex is a hopeless mystery. They don't know which way is up, who's supposed to go down, and what's supposed to go where. Thankfully there are people out there smart enough to tell us what is cold, hard science ... and what just goes limp. Here's a list of the 15 dumbest sex myths ever constructed.

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There are some people who just should not be having babies. And those people are the ones who believe in these ridiculous myths:

Myth #1: Masturbation will make you go blind - If you are starting to lose your vision because you masturbate too much, it's probably only because you're forgetting to eat.

#2: Green M&Ms make you horny - The only thing these tiny candies will do to your sex drive is make you smell like chocolate, which IS an aphrodisiac to women. Yes, green M&Ms make OTHER people horny.

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#3: Judging by the size of a man's feet ... - You will learn nothing but how many square inches of sour egg smell will come from them when he gets home from work.

#4: Hot tubs prevent pregnancy - Unless you're on Jersey Shore and you've used enough alcohol and Aqua Net to permanently sterilize yourself, the warm water in a hot tub won't neutralize your chances of being a babydaddy/mama.

#5: Mt. Dew decreases your sperm count - The only thing Mt. Dew decreases is brain cells after you get a massive sugar rush and try to go dune-jousting.

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Posted By PhoneSex (2 years ago)
Men and women struggle for financial independen¬ce, and often team up with someone from the opposite sex to get it. Maybe that's what you call proto-matu¬rity, and it looks like it worked for you, in one way or another. Your experience doesn't appear to fit in with the topic of this discussion¬, but that's okay. I thought there was something missing too.
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