The 30 Most Generous Celebrities Might Surprise You

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Mel Gibson makes list of most generous celebs


The Giving Back Fund Releases List of 30 Most Generous Celebrities

Celebrities live a life that most of us will never know, but some of them actually do some good with their money too, and don't just squander it on pricey real estate and ridiculous shopping sprees.

Who is the most generous celebrity?

If you said Oprah, you'd be surprised to find out that she didn't even make the list.

In fact, the number one entry is a bit of surprise, considering how little we hear of this actress any more since her heyday in seminal teen movies in the '80s and '90s.

The Giving Back Fund tracked the largest donations made to charity by celebrities in 2010.

Check out who made the 30 Most Generous Celebrities list:

1. Jami Gertz and husband Antony Ressler: $10,569,002
2. Herb Alpert: $9,104,829
3. Mel Gibson: $6,853,020
4. George Lucas: $4,250,000
5. Nora Roberts: $3,000,000
6. NFL Player Ndamukong Suh: $2,600,000
7. MLB Player Lance Berkman and his wife Cara: $2,412,245
8. Meryl Streep and her husband Donald Gummer: $2,000,000
9. Television Producer Marcy Carsey and her husband John Carsey: $1,870,000
10. Simpsons' Co-Creator Sam Simon: $1,800,000

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11. Jerry Seinfeld: $1,766,000
12. Barbra Streisand: $1,555,500
13. Matthew McConaughey: $1,537,292
14. Writers Dean and Gerda Koontz: $1,500,000
15. Gisele Bundchen: $1,500,000
16. Writer Isabel Allende: $1,017,247
17. Alec Baldwin: $1,005,131
18. Sandra Bullock: $1,000,000
19. NFL Player Eli Manning and his wife Abby: $1,000,000
20. Will and Jada Smith: $900,000

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21. Hugh Hefner: $900,000
22. NBA Player Carmelo Anthony: $837,200
23. Lance Armstrong: $700,648
24. Writers Jonathan and Faye Kellerman: $627,700
25. MLB Player Mariano Rivera: $627,500
26. Taylor Swift: $625,000
27. Daniel and Cara Whitney (Larry the Cable Guy): $550,020
28. Artist Jasper Johns: $500,000
29. Golfer Davis Love: $424,379
30. Victoria Principal: $342,665

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Posted By ferneshuchi (2 years ago)
I live in Kenya, run a school for special needs children and would love someone to put me in touch with the donor foundations . we just want to make life happen for our Autistic children.
Posted By ferneshuchi (2 years ago)
please help us reach your foundations, we live in kenya and work with Autistic children
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