The Highest Paid Television Actress for 2013 Is ...

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richest television actress


Which Television Actress Brings Home the Fattest Paycheck?

If you had to bet a dollar on which of all the lovelies staring at your from your tv set earns the most money in a year, who would you put it on? Perhaps Julianna Margulies whohas been a television staple for nearly 20 years? Or, what about Shirley MacLaine? She had to have pulled in a big pile of loot for her "Downtown Abbey" stiint last year, right? Maybe. But neither one of those actresses, nor the hundreds of others who live in tv-land pulled in as much moola as a certain Colombian bombshell ...

richest television actress


Yup. For the second year running, "Modern Family's" sexy Gloria Pritchett, Sofia Vergara, is the highest-earning television actress.

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And, it's not just her Emmy wins and the incredibly popular sitcom that give her such a fat wallet, endorsement deals (like the one she has with Pepsi) help her bottom line - a lot. All tolled, Forbes magazine estimates that the 41 year-old actress pulls in a staggering $19.3 million a year.

Even more upsetting than that? The fact that Kim Kardashian is a close second with $18.6. EGADS people. What are we thinking?

Rounding out the top 10 are:

Eva Longoria ($15 million)

Bethenny Frankel ($12 million)

Khloe Kardashian Odom ($11 million)

Tina Fey ($11 million)

Mariska Hargitay ($10 million)

Zooey Deschanel ($9 million)

Felicity Huffman ($9 million)

Ellen Pompeo ($9 million)

Wow. All that loot just for getting to be on television. Must be nice. Must. Be. Nice.



richest television actress




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