'The Little Mermaid' Gets Plastic Surgery in Disturbing New Ad [PHOTO]

In Beauty by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, 6:21 AM (PDT)
little mermaid plastic surgery


A Venezuelan Plastic Surgery Clinic Tries to Disney-fy Its Nips and Tucks

The most disturbing thing about the new plastic surgery ad featuring a character that looks exactly like Ariel from The Little Mermaid: that a plastic surgery clinic would use a kid-friendly character like The Little Mermaid to sell its plastic surgery services.

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But that's exactly what a Venezuelan plastic surgery clinic called Clinica Dempere has done. In the new ad -- seen at left -- Ariel is seen swimming towards a plastic surgery table, from which she emerges with huge boobs, a reality TV star mouth and a pair of human legs.

And yes, we get it; the ad's supposed to be cute, as The Huffington Post points out, but it just turns out to be anything but.

Especially since the ad's tagline is "We Make Fairy Tales Come True" … because every girl dreams of going under the knife, right?

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And one more thing, Clinica Dempere. If you really want to show some impressive makeover skills, you might want to start with a subject that isn't already drop-dead gorgeous.

Because you took a beloved, beautiful princess character and turned her into a fake, plastic cartoon.

And not the Disney kind.

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Posted By Dr. Branman (1 year ago)
My niece watched this movie years ago. I asked her to think back on what she thought. At 8 years old, her take was that she would have rather been in the ocean with her little friends. Now at 16, my niece defiantly states that Ariel should not have transformed herself for the sake of a man, but perhaps the change would be warranted if it had been to please herself. I wonder about the value of using a children's story to advertise a service that requires a mature decision making process. I have to agree with my little niece. If you want cosmetic surgery, be sure you are doing it to please yourself. Dr. Branman
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