The Most Ridiculous Excuses People Have Used To Get Out Of Work This Year

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30 Percent Are Liars, To Boot!

It's autumn, which means bosses all over America will soon be deluged with the same early-morning cry from their employees: "I'm sick." But how many are truly too ill to make it to the office? According to a recent study conducted by, about 30 percent of us - I mean them - are lying.

Not only did the study reveal that nearly a third of Americans fake being sick when they call in to use a sick day, it also uncovers some of the more outlandish excuses beyond illness workers have used.

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Yes, one sad soul actually claimed to be too distraught from watching Hunger Games to come into the office. Another said the were physically unable...because they had stuck their toe in a sink faucet and couldn't get it out. Then there's "My dead grandmother's body is getting exhumed and I have to be there." Because we can't even count how many times we've been through that...

There's slim to no chance your boss believes your excuse, claims's Jennifer Sullivan Grasz, and you may be doing serious damage to your reputation. "Lying can bring your credibility into question and, in some cases, cause you to lose your job," Grasz said.

Her advice: come clean. Unless your excuse is completely out of this world (Yes, Katniss, we're talking to you) he or she will probably appreciate the honesty and let you enjoy your day off with a clean conscience.


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