The Real Star of Miley Cyrus' New Music Video? Miley Cyrus' Tongue

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miley cyrus tongue


How Do You Break Out of the Disney Mold? For Miley Cyrus, It's All About Her Tongue

If recent celluloid releases are any indication, apparently, when you're an ex-Disney Channel princess and want to prove that you're no longer a kid, you play against type by, as in the case of former Hannah Montana start Miley Cyrus, by removing most of your clothes and sticking out your tongue. (Despite the fact that it's typically five year olds who throw tantrums, take off their clothes and stick out their tongues -- not adults.)

According to Diane Martel, director of Cyrus' new music video We Can't Stop, and  Spring Breakers director Harmony Korine, the stylists of Vanessa Hudgens's Paper Magazine March cover shoot, all a gal has to do to prove herself as a mature, well-respected artist, one who deserves a strong after-work drink and an Academy Award, is to strip down to her skivvies and unleash her tongue! It's sexy; it's rebellious. It shows independence and an ability to revamp your image creatively. Or so they say, anyway.  

Miley Cyrus's actions in We Can't Stop call to mind the recent cinematic opus Spring Breakers starring Selena Gomes and Vanessa Hudgens -- both feature unruly women in their early 20s, ignoring the rules and partying hard. In Spring Breakers, there are gangsters and gun fellatio; in We Can't Stop there is twerking and a Lady Gaga-inspired dance break with large stuffed bears. But in both, former Disney Channel darlings strut their stuff in an off-color cotillion of sorts. This is not your typical after-school television fare.

This scantily clad, tongue-centric trend could represent a few things. Perhaps it's an attempt at some sort of "slut appropriation" (read: if I stick my tongue out at you, it means I don't care if you can see my nipples). Or perhaps it's a nod to KISS front man Gene Simmons?  

Whatever the origins and motivations of the no-clothes/all-tongue approach, its popularity is undeniable, as confirmed by Miley's latest video. What's more noteworthy, however, is the fact that the "edgier" these young women try to appear -- the further they attempt to detach from their past lives -- the more they will inevitably be compared to the Disney darlings they once were.

Although, in the case of the new Miley Cyrus music video, it does seem that she  no longer cares what people think -- and there were a lot of them - within hours of the posting of the video, more than 6 million people watched and, no doubt, judged.. Were you one of them? Chime in with your comments on Miley's antics below. Good career move or just put your clothes back on already?

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