The Worst Celebrity Work Outs of All Time

In OnScreen & Music by Emma Jones , on Monday, December 05, 2011, 5:34 AM (PST)
celebrity workouts
The Original "Step Up"


Want To Do Lunges With Any Of These Celebs?

Ever wanted a body like a certain celebrity? Ever bought that celeb's workout video (most of them have one.) Let's hope it wasn't one of these that landed atop's picks of "Celebrity Workout Videos That Should Not Have Been":

4. La Toya Jackson's Step Up Workout (1993)

The fifth child spawned from the Jackson clan, like her siblings, La Toya has enjoyed her fare share of success. This video however, is a big thumbs down, as once again, La Toya is left to perform alongside a group of people who are far more talented than she is.

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3. Bonnie Franklin's I Hate to Exercise I Love to Tap (1984)

Thirty years ago, Bonnie Franklin played a sassy divorcee on One Day at a Time, now she's a permanent fixture on the theatre scene. Her fitness angle? Tap dancing your flab away -- 'nuff said.

2. Sandy Duncan's The 5 Minute Workout (1990)

Peter Pan/Sandy Duncan was America's sweetheart back when we still had those. Her video is brought to you by Wheat Thins and co-hosted by musical choreographer and tanning industry supporter, Kevin Carlisle. If you're brave, you may want jump to 1:00 of our clip for a real cringe-moment.

1. Zsa Zsa Gabor's It's So Simple Darling (1993)

The number one video that never should have been is Zsa Zsa Gabor's dahhhling. Flanked by two strapping young men (Mike and Francois), Gabor leads us through some low-impact exercise, all the while she chatting about EVERYTHING. Her ex husbands, sex, the importance of sucking in your stomach during sex and way too much other such information ...

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