Tila Tequila Checks Into 'Celebrity Rehab'

In Celebs by Celebuzz , on Monday, May 24, 2010, 7:29 AM (PDT)
tila tequila


Well, it looks like Tila Tequila is finally going to get the help that she needs. The reality star and media mogul has signed up for next season of Celebrity Rehab, ensuring another season of drama, tears, and breakthroughs with Dr.Drew.

Tila is reportedly the first star to sign up for this season, after stars like Charlie Sheen, Jenna Jameson, Heather Locklear and even hot mess Lindsay Lohan turned down a chance to go on the show. We don't know exactly what specific addiction Tila will be treated for, but we bet she will be more than willing to bring the drama once the show starts shooting. One question: who is going to man Tila's gossip blog while she is away at rehab?

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