Time Lapse Pregnancy Video: 9 Months Plus Baby in Under 2 Minutes

In Life by Wendy Michaels , on Monday, March 12, 2012, 11:19 AM (PDT)
Couple document pregnancy with time lapse video


Pregnancy Stages Captured in Time Lapse Video

This is amazingly cute -- and such a good idea for anyone looking to capture their pregnancy on video.

A woman and her partner recorded the various stages of her pregnancy and pieced it together in a time lapse video that takes 9 months of growing baby bump and sums it up in 90 seconds.

The video, titled "Introducing," shows the 9 months of growth for one woman, who is seen standing in the same location (well, until boxes and a new change of scenery indicate the couple moved).

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Her husband starts by kneeling before her flat stomach, the couple give each other a high five, and he comes and goes in the video, returning at the end when she looks at her watch to signal "it's baby time."

Again, he kneels at her belly and gives a kiss ... and then we see the introduction of newborn baby Amelie Amaya.

While you can find plenty of time lapse pregnancy videos on YouTube, this one really tells a bit of a story, plus it's interesting to see not only her belly change from frame to frame, but also the items around her in each shot.

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It's really sweet and beautiful and on its way to viral video stardom.



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