Tips For Better Oral Sex

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oral sex


Practice On A Popsicle.

There are three things that keep the world from collapsing in on itself: money, cheeseburgers and oral sex. Thankfully, for those who have mastered the art of finance and fried food but not fellatio, we have a handy dandy guide to becoming an expert in oral sex.

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The folks over at have assembled a master course in the art of mouth pleasure, guaranteed to bring your sex game up to the pro-level. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Watch The Teeth: Nothing puts a kink in the moment like the feeling of your incisors knifing into his genitals.

Pull A Madonna: Get all "Material Girl" on him by using your confidence to take charge. Make this a rock star moment where you aim to shock and awe with your captivating stage presence.

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Practice On A Popsicle: While you could conceivably practice on anything shaped like a phallus, for some reason popsicles just lend themselves better to penis-sucking-practice than bowling pins or mini Eiffel Tower souvenirs. Bonus: you get to eat popsicles for homework.

To check out more fancy fellatio techniques, head over to

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