Tom Bergeron's Wife Called 'Hot' on Tosh.0

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tom bergeron


Remember the 'Evolution of Dance' guy?

Tom Bergeron may order around svelte salsa dancers at his day job, but he's got something just as spicy waiting for him when he gets home. The Dancing with the Stars host made a cameo appearance on Comedy Central's Tosh.0 on Tuesday night, throwing a shout-out to his "hot" wife, Lois.

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In a skit that poked fun/paid homage to the hugely popular dance competition show, comedian Daniel Tosh dressed in drag and stepped toe-to-toe with Judson Laipply, who you probably remember as the "Evolution of Dance" guy.

Anyway, after sitting down for a chat, the pair did their best tango on "Dancing with the Internet Stars" under the watchful eye of Tom Bergeron himself.

Since this is the internet (and, presumably, since Bruno wasn't available) the judges were "just ordinary jerks with webcams," as Bergeron put it.

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While each of the three internet judges offered quips and insults on the pair's dancing, the last judge "complemented" the host with the line, "Blow me Bergeron, your wife is hot."

"Yeah, she is actually," Bergeron replied.

Lois Bergeron is something of a mystery woman, though she and Tom have been married for nearly 30 years. The pair have two daughters, Samantha and Jessica.

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