Tom Hanks: World's Biggest 'Storage Wars' Fan

In Celebs by Kim Muraro , on Thursday, October 11, 2012, 5:05 AM (PDT)
tom hanks loves storage wars


The Oscar-Winning Reality TV Fan Also Loves MythBusters and Deadliest Catch

Remember that Jimmy Kimmel Live viral video from last year in which Tom Hanks mocked Toddlers & Tiaras and became a pageant dad? Turns out he might not have had to do much preparation to poke fun at the reality TV show, because two-time Oscar winner Hanks loves him some reality TV.

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In an interview on the Nerdist podcast (as reported by the A.V. Club), Hanks revealed he's a regular viewer of shows like Deadliest Catch and MythBusters. But his real reality TV guilty pleasure: Storage Wars. And he doesn't really sound all that guilty about loving the show.

Chatting with Nerdist host Chris Hardwick, Hanks talks about how Deadliest Catch makes every man feel like the "biggest p***y alive," but his best comments come about Storage Wars.

He does a wickedly good impression of Darrell Sheets, he says he wants to visit Brandi and Jarrod's thrift store in Orange County and he thinks it would be funny to show up at some of the auctions and try to outbid Dave Hester. Yuuuuuuuuup, that would make for great TV.

If you're wondering how the Nerdist gang got the endearing Hanks to give up more 90 minutes of his time to dish about reality TV and other topics for the pop culture podcast, that's another charming story.

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Turns out Hanks is also a big fan of vintage typewriters, so Hardwick sent him a 1934 red Smith Corona, which Hanks used to write a hilariously note accepting an invitation to appear on the show.

Listen to the entire podcast here (the reality TV talk begins around the 60-minute mark), and read Hanks' thank you note here, and be reminded again of just how much you love Tom Hanks.

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