Toni Braxton: Why Did She Go Bankrupt Twice?

In OnScreen & Music by LimeLife , on Friday, November 30, 2012, 2:13 PM (PST)
toni braxton


Unbreak Her Bank Accounts - Toni Braxton Reveals Why She Went Broke

Toni Braxton's ballads were the things high school dances were made of, but now, the diva is revealing that she never made much money from her chart-topping hits and that's why she's been bankrupt -- twice.

As ABCNews reports, despite having raked in $170 million on sales from hits like "Breathe Again" and "Another Sad Love Song," the diva claims that all she netted was a meager  $1,972 royalty check.


"What happens is they give you advancement on the next record and then the next record," the popstress says. "So you kind of stay in debt, in a sense."

And, then, shopping can make things worse. 1,000 thread count sheets (who even knew those existed) Faberge eggs, dishes and other housewares did her in she says. "I'm a little odd."

Just a tad.

These days at 45, Braxton is thinking about posing for Hugh Hefner to get on top of her bills.  "There's nothing wrong with doing Playboy," says Braxton who's poised to appear on "20/20" tonight.

Hey, whatever gets you through the night. And, the next month's mortgage. Though, wouldn't it be better to get back in the studio and resume cranking out mega ballads?

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