"Top Chef" Host, Padma Lakshmi Strips for Playboy

In Celebs by LimeLife , on Friday, November 16, 2012, 3:54 PM (PST)
padma lakshmi
Pack your knives and go


Padma Lakshmi Bares Her Soul (And More) In the New Issue of Playboy

Since a lot of guys admit to watching "Top Chef" just as an excuse to get to gawk at the beautiful host, Padma Lakshmi, (no offense Tom Collicchio), it's no wonder that Hugh Hefner and his Playboy cronies sought out the former model to appear on their December cover.

padma lakshmi


In the interview that accompanies several photos of a lace-clad Lakshmi, Salman Rushdie's former wife opens up about various aspects of her life. Here are some "amuse bouches" to whet your appetite for the issue which hits stands next Tuesday, Nov. 20.

What kind of man does she go for? ”A lot of men get frustrated with me, actually because I am like a guy. Honestly, I’m like a truck driver trapped in this body. I don’t want to be your best friend. I don’t expect you to give me a birthday card or send me flowers. I don’t need fancy trips. You could take me across the street. Don’t get me wrong. That stuff’s nice, but I am a physical and sensual person. I love to be held. I love massages. I’m just not a Hallmark kind of gal.”

Why beauty bores her: “Have you ever met a girl and she’s really pretty, but then you talk to her for 15 minutes, and she’s not that pretty anymore? She’s kind of boring. Or else you meet a girl who’s okay-looking but makes you laugh and says something saucy. Suddenly her beauty shines through.”

What it was like to be married to Rushdie: “Now there is somebody who has great wit and is a great flirt. I don’t regret a day I spent with Salman, but it was tiring. He has a big life, and it only got bigger while we were together. I’m happy to have stood next to him holding his hand, but we were in very different parts of our lives.”

How does Top Chef affect her figure? “My digestive tract is ironclad and can really take a beating. Having been a model for 15 years, I also know a thing or two about how to dress if I’ve put on a few pounds. And I usually gain between 10 and 15 pounds over six weeks each season. Then I spend 12 weeks working it off.”



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Posted By Oliver F.Wade (1 year ago)
I enjoy reading Lime Life
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