Trojan Sex Study: Dallas Does It Most, Bay Area Does It Best, And We All Fake Orgasms

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NYC Thinks About Sex 7 Times A Day

Is your sex life supercharged? Well, that depends on where you live. According to a new massive survey from Trojan, Texas has the most sex, San Francisco has the best, Atlanta is the kinkiest, and people in Los Angeles have had the most sexual partners. What about where YOU live?

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Trojan's Charged Sex Life survey is the result of 3,000 10-minute interviews in 10 major cities across America, and it reveals a wide range of statistics about when, where, how and why Americans are having sex.

According to the survey, chances are sex is very important no matter where you live. Americans are having sex 151 times a year (2.9/week), a big jump from last year when we did it 120 times (2.3/week).

Unfortunately, the quality of our nookie seems to have gone down. 67 percent say they are satisfied with their sex lives in 2012, compared to 76 percent in 2011.

So how can we put some spice back? By changing it up a little. 88 percent of Americans say they're trying to keep it hot in the bedroom by looking for new ways to have fun. That includes having spontaneous sex (48 percent), dirty talk (32 percent), using a vibrator (72 percent), having sex outside (32 percent), and sexting (23 percent).

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Of course, your spot on the map might have a little to do with your sexual adventures. The survey found that Miami and Atlanta are the most sexually "charged" cities in the country. Miami has the most sex (177 times a year), while Atlanta has the most overall sense of sexual adventure (71 percent).

Some other interesting stats from the survey:

- 56% of Americans say they are sexually adventurous

- 22% have engaged in phone sex

- People in Dallas have the longest sex sessions (39 minutes) yet are the most likely to fake an orgasm (47%)

- People in San Francisco have the least amount of sex (120 times a year) and the shortest (31 minutes), but report the highest satisfaction (61%) and are least likely to fake an orgasm (31%)

- Men think about sex 15 times a day, while women think about it just four times a day

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