Vacation Ideas: World's Wackiest Water Parks [SLIDESHOW] [VIDEO]

In Life by Kim Muraro , on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 1:13 PM (PDT)
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Including a Water Slide That Will Send You on Speeds of Up to 105 Miles Per Hour

It feels like we're all experiencing the hottest, longest summer ever, and a trip to a cool water park sounds like the perfect antidote.

Just in time, has rounded up a collection of some of the most interesting, weirdest (in a good way) water parks that make for the perfect excuse for an impromptu road (or air) trip, and here are a few of the standouts:

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The Happy Magic Water Park in Beijing, China -- are those giant jellyfish hanging for the ceiling? Um, yep, and that's just one of the delightfully odd features of this park, which began its life as the gorgeous Chinese National Aquatics Center (dubbed The Water Cube) for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and is now a multicolored water park with the aforementioned giant jellyfish. Cool.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor in Jackson, New Jersey -- a giant King Cobra slide includes an angry looking snake mouth (with fangs bared) that you actually slide out of. Well, it's better than staying inside the snake's mouth, right? Despite being ever so slightly creepy, the Cobra slide also looks like a lot of fun.

Suoi Tien Park in Ho Chi Ming City, Vietnam -- "If Tim Burton and Dr. Seuss were to collaborate on a life-size water-themed pinball machine, it would look like this," Flavorpill writes in what should be the park's official tagline. The water park is part of a larger amusement park that includes a dinosaur garden, dragon sculptures and a zoo.

Summerland in Tokyo, Japan -- it looks fun and colorful … if you can find a spare square inch of space to actually move around. Between the pool toys and the people, it looks like it would be impossible to make so much as a minor splash. Probably a lot of peein' in that giant pool …

Beach Park in Fortaleza, Brazil  -- it features the highest water slide in the world -- 41 meters, or 14 stories, tall -- which can lead those brave enough to tackle it on sliding speeds of up to 105 miles per hour. And its name: "The Insano."

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And file this one under the "shoot, we missed it" on your vacation bucket list:

The Seagaia Ocean Dome in Miyazaki, Japan -- it was the largest indoor water park in the world, which was cool even though, as points out, a real beach is just half a mile away. Seagaia boased its own beach, complete with sand and waves you could actually surf, along with a retractable roof. Sadly, as part of a larger renovation at the resort it was part off, the Ocean Dome was closed in 2007.

Check out for the complete list of the wackiest water parks from around the world, and see photos from the parks in our slideshow below.

And if you're still thinking about how fun The Insano slide would be, check out this video of the slide, from the slider's point of view:





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