Victoria's Secret Pink Teaming Up With MLB

In Fashion by Susie Anderson , on Friday, May 21, 2010, 12:49 PM (PDT)
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Take us out to the ball game

You knew this was coming! A couple years ago, Victoria's Secret Pink started a collegiate line of apparel. And at that point, we had a feeling sports affiliations were close. Now Major League Baseball has announced they'll be targeting female fans with their Victoria's Secret collaboration.

We have pretty mixed feelings about this collaboration. On the one hand, we're sure the Victoria's Secret Pink apparel for MLB is going to be absolutely adorable and will make sporty clothing much more fun. On the other hand, hardcore baseball fans already majorly make fun of girls who sport pink sports team clothing.

So, we might not wear the new clothing when we're standing in the stands, but we'll most definitely wear it lounging around our home. The new collection will start off featuring 11 MLB teams, but it's possible for it to grow if the apparel sells well. Will your favorite team get a spot in the Victoria's Secret Pink collection?

According to the MLB's Senior VP of Licensing, "Major League Baseball continuously seeks opportunities to provide our female fans, one of the most important segments of our fan base, with new ways to display their pride in their favorite team." We have to admit, we do think it's fabulous they're keeping all their super stylish female fans in mind!

Would you rock your Victoria's Secret Pink for MLB with your favorite team? We can just imagine the booty shorts and tiny tank tops!

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Posted By stephaniec (4 years ago)
interesting collaboration
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